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Here is a brief overview of the projects I've worked on in the past and current

Bike Rescue Project

As part of helping my local community, I have had a significant role within a local charity called Bike Rescue Project. In this role, I worked with one of the trustees to design and build their website. As well as working on the website I helped them on a particular project where we sent over 600 bikes from York to West Africa.

Advance Internet Development A

This assignment was designed to assess my ability to select, use and evaluate a range of technologies, which can be used to develop web-based systems. This was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my ability to work with a range of Internet technologies that was introduced on the course.

Model View Controller App

This section allowed me to investigate building web applications using design patterns and in particular the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. I was required to build a dynamic web application using an MVC backend framework of my choice and I used codeigniter.

Internet Systems development

This project equipped me with the basic skills to design and build a dynamic website using PHP. I learned how web services interact with the database and then communicate to present data.

BULPA (E-commerce)

This was my first E-commerce assignment and it was built using procedural programming. It helped me to understand the basics of PHP and MYSQL. It also motivated me to learn object orientated programming because as time went on it was difficult to maintain the code and add more functionality to it.

Cycle happy Leeds

This was a team project assignment which gave me experience of working as part of team to get the job done.


I built from scratch using an MVC codeigniter framework . It was a challenging application to build especially working on my own but I really enjoyed it, because my client really liked how I took his ideas to design and build something as simple and easy to use


A friend of mine was in need of a website for his car trading business in York. I used Wordpress to come up with a content management system to list his cars.